Submitted log entries

James Ferris <ferris1727@...>

I just resubmitted my log and the checker has found all the new calls that were previously rejected.  Steve was right..  Patience is the answer and all is up to date now.   Resubmit your ADIF files and you will get credit for the new club members.  

The entries did not meet the log requirements (50 unique PSK31 contacts) and are sitting in the rejected file.  They did not get a member number and I cannot approve them because of software and club requirements. That is being addressed as soon as David has the chance to get to it.  All those applicants were sent an auto email that explained the requirements and what they will have to do to update their application to meet the minimum standards for joining.  Those are the rules as they now stand and have been in force since the beginning.

As far as the "LID" in Texas as someone put it, we do not allow them here.  Please refrain from using the Reflectors for excessive wining about some problems that we cannot do anything about. That is what Facebook is for isn't it?  

73, Jim W5FER  

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