New 070 Credits / LID rant

John Etling

Am aware of the LONP credit. Am wondering if they will count towards TDW, - seems to me if they were approved and have a valid 070 number then they should count – otherwise what’s the purpose of getting new members, allowing them to participate then tell them their contacts do not count on either end? Would make for a fast exodus of members me thinks.  The three I made were in the 2050 membership series. I’m not much of a contester and usually do not partake in them much but decided to try and did… OK, mainly on 20m as all the other bands were not real cooperative. Hate to think I’m gonna lose TDW credit on 3 calls just because they are too new to participate, and frankly, I am not aware of what “too new” a call would be since I do not keep up with that. They have a 070 number, I figure it is a good points contact.


As for the whining idiot LID in Texas, I have heard him on/off all day whining and crying about us contesters. I say join in and quit whining. MAYBE he might be able to make a few new contacts instead of the few that will put up with his grouchy ass.


Luckily I have avoided him. He did call me, with me clearly calling CQ-070 TDW, and recognizing his call figured he wanted to further inflict his filth so I decided to ignore him to spare listening to his rant and his hatefulness towards any contest. I can see him sitting on the local 2M repeater and telling anyone who is not a regular to get lost, never come back and “I hate your guts”….


73 de K3JAE


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