Rumble Team Basics 101 Part 2


The teams for the Fall Rumble are forming up nicely and some challenges
have already been made! But it is not too late to form up your own team. In
fact, if you are of a mind to "roll your own", now is the time to do it. Yes,
'tis true that the Fall Rumble is still a little over a month away, but it
would be a good idea to get your team organized early and avoid the last
minute rush which is sure to happen come October.
So where do you go to find members for your team? One place you can go is
to the TDW results page at < >. There you will find all
of the 070 members who sent in entries for the 2001 TDW. Once you find some
likely candidates, send them an invitation via email. If you don't have their
addresses, go to to see if the info is posted there. If not, KA3X or
N3DQU may be able to help get you connected.
Looking for someone in particular? Say for example, that you need a
European anchor to round out your team but don't have a particular psker in
mind. Then I suggest you post a message on the 070 reflector with your
request. In fact, sending out a general call for team members on the 070
reflector just might net you some surprising results. The 070 Club currently
has 132 members and about half are signed on to this reflector, so you have a
pretty good audience listening. There is no law either that everyone on your
team has to be an 070 Club member. Have a QSO with someone who might fit into
your scheme of things? Ask him if he'd like to join your team. Who knows, he
just might say yes!
And don't forget, the 070 Club is offering special Attaboys to team
participants for the Fall Rumble. If that isn't an incentive, I don't know
what is! Good luck and good hunting de Jay N3DQU.

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