Craig AC4M

Hello Ivor and the group, 
 I have not involved in awhile to step out of the way for others, I have noticed years ago the contacts rates were dropping off and less action on all bands. Maybe some of the problem is coming from operators , like a really silly exchange that has nothing pertaining to the contest and lots of silly macros in general, I could say my name is Craig and he/she will say 599 100% copy Jonathan (auto grab from database), wow I just wasted my time sense he/she will not read the screen or to lazy to type in my name or grab from screen or someone answering after I have been CQ ing "CQ Contest" and they have no clue I was in a contest, What!? 50% of the conversation is understanding what is being sent and letting the person know that he/she does understand, if you do not understand then you find out by the internet , ask a question etc. 

My point being you do not see as much of these problems with people using RTTY in contest, Why is PSK different?? Is it because a different breed? People's IQ is lower? What in the heck is the deal with some of the PSK ops. How do you even fix it? It is like people are not taking PSK as a serious mode as a contest or Dxepedition (ie. BPSK63) mode because of operators actions. 

 I have done about all I know to do to help the situation and it drives me mad and that is after 20,866 BPSK31 QSO's

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