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John - Nothing wrong from this end that I see.  Don’t worry, this is not the only reflector that I see bashing going on when they get the chance.  I know that a lot of people says things that just don’t come out the way they want or meant and , wow, do those others jump on it.  And then on the other hand those that bash (in their defense) also come out and say stuff that just doesn’t seem to come out quite the way they want either.  It goes both ways.    As Jerry, N9AVY will attest the 10-10 reflector and others are exactly the same way.   So, it is not just this reflector.  There are guys that are on this reflector that have something to say everyday and lots of good info is passed along but it just doesn’t take much anymore this day and age to rile people up.   That is exactly why I hardly ever say anything.  I’ve tried to learn from observing and one thing I’ve learned is no matter what you say someone out there has a different opinion.   Instead of telling/bashing someone to the whole world, here’s a thought, why don’t you got directly to that person and tell him what you think???  

I’m not directing this to anyone in particular.  It is just a general statement for anyone.  Heck, I’ve even wanted to do the same thing but then when thinking back at how things just like this get started I try and go to the person off the list and say what I need to say.  I do try and keep it simple and try not to judge or be critical and try not to offend anyone either.  I like to give the benefit of the doubt to most people and believe that they have the best intentions but it just doesn’t come out that way.

My .02 cents worth.  Thanks and most of all, let’s have fun with this hobby of ours.

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WOW! Sorry about all the hubba balu I seemed to have started. Not my intention. My main point was I had no idea what 31 flavors contest was about and numerous people throwing in how a QSO should be conducted seemed all too confusing to me. BTW, NOT ONE PERSON responded to me why the 31 flavors or gave an explanation of its purpose or even how to get what the goal was. Internet is limited for me so I do not generally get a lot of time to read rules and reasons why a contest is afoot. Call me what you will but some people just do not have time to sit at a computer and read rules thoroughly, if at all. I make no apologies for my earlier statements other than it was surely not intended to start near a 2 week tit-for-tat responses by all. It surely got real hateful over a simple, innocent comment.


Have fun, pick your poison, as it were, and if you are not interested in  the contest, do not understand or cannot abide by the rules of a contest then wait for the next. If it is too fast a pace, wait for the next one. Period. That was the crux of my original statement.


And one wonders why I avoid most people at all costs. Unbelievable the amount of trash and junk that hit the reflector. Some just can’t wait to jump on the bandwagon while others simply just can’t wait to topple it over. Really people? It is like everyone is waiting for just the right opportunity to just take time to slap someone stupid. One knows more than the other, one has more experience, one is a newbie, who gives a rat’s behind? This is supposed to be fun, not a freakin’ job or a blood contest. To have one get criticized by just making an innocent comment or a suggestion is ridiculous! Is this what the human race has evolved to? “I make more money than you,” “I got more toys,” “I have 900 years of experience…” SO WHAT? We all still put our pants on the same way as all of you do, be it jeans or a $1000.00 pair. 


Always remember, you will not be taking it with you when the Good Lord takes you out of the game permanently. I make EXCEEDINGLY great money and have lot of toys but I flaunt it not nor do I try to impress with my knowledge unless it is asked. I would never lay in wait waiting for some poor soul to make an innocent comment so I can pound his face into a pulp just for thinking it.


I shall not respond to the sure hate postings to come over my comments above and cannot wait to see who will be the 1st  that just can’t contain their ego any longer to make some sort of a head bashing comment or to show me how wrong I am in my thinking. Any takers?




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