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Bill Garwood

Alupaint.  I think that is what we tested in the engineering lab at work a few years back.  Came in a 16 oz. aerosol can with a blank label.  We received it from a prime vendor for first article testing.   It contained some kind of proprietary ingredients as detailed on the label.  It was supposed to cut the VSWR in half on any antenna system.  We tried it on several different ones.  We also had a perfect antenna with 50 ohms, +/- j 0 impedance that was a perfect 1:1 VSWR.  Sure enough, when we sprayed the antenna and coax with the stuff, the VSWR measured 0.5:0.5.  Great stuff, but it had a problem, it would partially wash off when it rained and then the VSWR would go crazy like 0.5:7.3.  We rejected it and sent the remaining can back to the vendor.  Next up we tested the wire stretcher.  Details of that test will be released in April 1, 2016.

Happy Radio!

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A sump is a hole that’s usually associated with drainage.

A sump pump is a pump for emptying it.

A “bucket of sump” doesn’t really exist…well, maybe on April 1st only…



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I don't understand this usage of the word "sump".

Can you please elaborate?

thank you



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While you’re shopping for this stuff, please pick me up a bucket of sump? Mine tipped over.



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