Re: 31 Flavors Contest Rules

Mike Miller <lists@...>

Hi Jim,

It is even easier than you describe. With FLDigi in contest
mode, the first double click fills the call sign, anything you
double click after that goes into the exchange box.

I don't know if or how the scorer sorts the exchange field
SRX-STRING, or if it is even used. The SPC in the exchange isn't
used for mults.

Mike kc9doa #1040

On 26 Mar 2015 at 10:41, Jim Howard howardje@... [070]

It™s easier than you think depending on your rig and software.
With my
rig using fldigi (in the contest view) there are only two
visible boxes to
fill in. Double-clicking on the callsign fills in one of them.
Then I type
the exchange in the other - something like either œNC Jim or
1603 depending on whether they are a member. Then I click

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