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David Westbrook

A lot of good comments and topics (this definitely starts to spread into a lot of different topics/issues)...

I think one of the high-level questions is should this even be more like a contest (exchange, scoring, etc) or more like an endorsement (like LONP where just which call worked matters, not specifically exchanged info;  WARC ok; more competing against self).

Some various direct replies:

[Barry] "Someone suggested a month later that the checker apply bonus points to anyone that worked a station that 

becomes a member. This would take the onus off us to record all that already known data and put the work onto David 

as to how to do the bonus scoring."

That was me :)

[Jerry] "I think giving non-members  2 pts  would not encourage them to join."

I think the suggestion was to give 070 members 2 pts for contacting a non-member station, under the assumption the 

070 member would advertise to the non-member.

Brings up the question of whether or not non-members can submit for this. (against, "contest" vs "endorsement" style)

[Ted] "to illustrate how some of the 070 events are inconsistent, out of 9. Why? this is inconsistent."

The reason is easy -- they kinda of grew independently over time as the club grew, and i think they probably started 

off more as events than "contests".
The hard question, and what Matt's mentioned under the "Contest 2.0" is what to change, and how to balance the 

tradition/history/status-quo with change/improvements.  As-is isn't bad at all, but of course we want to improve 

where possible, too. This is in part why contest changes have been slow in the last year during my tenure. And we're stretching it out a little longer, with any potential major changes being in 2016 calendar year. The big 2014 change was the official move of all contest submissions to the scoring utility.  So far in 2015 we've experimented with an alternative to the rolling start, and probably a couple other small tweaks (one upcoming in PSK flavors).

[Barry] "I was thinking more of a membership drive to commemorate the achievement rather than a "CONTEST"."

Yep, that's the big question!

[Ted] "One of the problems with this Club is that when there is some new thought put forward, the 'old hands' come 

out and start throwing cold water on the new suggestions. I say bunk on that ! Despite that practice, the Club has 

leaped ahead with tons of improvements and new ideas."

Thanks! :)   We've tried to strike that balance...

[John] "I get tired of everything being a “contest.” "

Good input -- and maybe one of the contests should morph into more an event ... or the yearly membership drive idea ...   Jerry's point about Field Day  is also right on point.   Even if all the 070 events are contest, there are many reason to participate in a full-fledged contest (070 events, ARRL, CQ, etc) --  nice density of stations to work, great DXCC/State/GridPFX/CQZ/etc opportunities (and LONP for 070 contest), testing out of equipment, etc.


On Wed, Mar 25, 2015 at 7:17 AM, 'John Etling' john@... [070] <070@...> wrote:

“Sorry to stir the pot by letting the mind indulge in daydreams. I was thinking more of a membership drive to commemorate the achievement rather than a "CONTEST".

have a good evening





I get tired of everything being a “contest.” I purposefully and normally avoid the bands where contesting is going on and rarely participate in them either. Most PODXS070 contests clearly state, for the most part, no more than 50 watts. Ever see a station from, say, MAINE on a band where contacts are a little tough due to conditions then this BIG gun walks in and completely blows the waterfall away. (Using this as a reference only as do not even know any 070 ops in ME so please do not be offended) . Now your gonna convince me he ain’t running full radio power or more? This after seeing sigs from say NY, CT, VT and most of them are coming in about equal strength.


PROVE the ME station is NOT overpowering the rules as it were. Of course lids like that will dominate the band every time leaving me  no choice but to leave, he owns it and knows full well he owns it.


OK enough soapboxing… I have been reading the bantering back and forth and I see a plethora of excellent points.


My final take… allow the “meeting” to begin, welcome all, converse with all. Have a secret handshake amongst members – I know Jerry was joking but why not do something unique and give out 070 numbers backwards? Those with 070 numbers where it makes no difference (ex 313, 323, 333, etc. then so be it). I side more with the “old philosophy” of follow the rules to the letter however I do not necessarily disagree fully with the new ideas either.  Come to a middle ground, follow those rules, and have fun.


Why must a “membership” drive goal attainment meet with awards and all that. Bew proud you did your part in building the club. THAT alone should be award enough.


73 de K3JAE



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