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John Etling

I understand your comments, but want to make something a bit clearer – my choice of using Maine for the overbearing signal was purely a “grab a state name form thin air” comment and in no way reflecting on any Maine operators. As I previously mentioned, I know no 070 members in Maine.


My other comment of running the 070 numbers backwards was also in jest knowing your number is the same regardless of forwards or backwards, defer to my comment about 313, 323, etc.


I am not against contesting. I just prefer to play on a level playing field but idiot ops refuse to allow us to do it and, in my opinion, should it be a member of a club I am a member of, not just 070, then it places me and other operators who are operating within the parameters outlined, at a serious disadvantage. Yet they still get the credit for the extra stations they work and the bullying off others from the frequency, giving them an unfair advantage.


Case in point…. I’m calling CQ. A Cuban station returns my request blowing away the waterfall. Began to work me with a +12 – note NOT -12, sending me a PM using JT-65’s message platform, s/he stating needed TN badly for WAS. He then finals with /QRP 5w. BULL$#!^. I will not upload that contact to give him credit for a QRP, actually deleted it, when I KNOW there ain’t no way he was at 5w or less and completely blowing my waterfall away literally and giving a sig of “+” anything. I almost never see a “+” signal, and usually those are stations close to me. If they are more than a few hundred miles from me one should never be above “-1” sig report.


73 de K3JAE



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John... Yes I was joking about my 070 number  because it's the same backwards or forwards, hi !  


As for the ME station, don't think I've heard him.  There are many wide signals on the air. Most of them are on 20m and my guess is that most are "newbies" and/or don't know how to set up their station properly for PSK.  Then there are those who suffer from "Tim the Toolman Taylor Syndrome"  where they think more power is ; better.  Of course, they become the elephant in the room , so to speak , and annoy their fellow operators.  Some of these are teachable and other aren't worth wasting our time.


Heard a station in AR about a year ago. His signal was wide, very wide.  It was second time I had heard him with wide signal.  First time, I sent him an OO report which he obviously ignored.  A couple months later, there he was with the same lousy wide signal (made 20m unusable) and he was chatting with another station who had a good signal.  This time I sent another OO report , but enclosed screen shots of both signals. A few weeks later I got called out by HQ and told to stop bothering him. Have heard him several times since with his wide signal. Just not worth wasting my time with him.


Also have a local ham who say he can run 1500 watts on PSK without bothering anyone. That's an argument I'll never win !  When I start hearing really wide signals on a band , I just change bands or go do something else. 




As for the contest suggestions here...  I base my thoughts on what I've seen in other contests over the years and not just PSK contests.  There are a few contest afficionados in our group who understand why we have on the air exchanges. There have been some rumors that certain contests compare logs against each other to check for "irregularities".... don't know if that is true, but in some contests it might be a good idea.  There was a station the other day who claimed he worked North Korea and it was none of the known stations to have operated from there.  I guess he heard something that sounded like it ws there, but he misread the call sign. I know that sometimes I see PSK signals that are spotty with QSB and they decode wrong, but if I stick with it I soon find out that the call sign is not what it seemed to be.  Copying a call sign and other information correctly is as important as making the contact.  Hence, the need for the "exchange". 


Field Day has been called everything from a contest to an emergency exercise. For me it has always just been 'fun"; a chance to hang out with other hams and enjoy the hobby. One ARRL Official once said, "They give points; so it must be a contest !".  Not necessarily so.


After 38 years in the hobby, I am by no means an "expert".  I try to learn something new whenever I can. Different viewpoints are always good to read and can sometimes change my thinking.  This forum is a good place to share ideas and teach old dogs new tricks.


We all have different reasons for being in this hobby and different goals in operating PSK.   PODXS 070 unites us in those reasons and the "contests" (10-10 calls their contests , "QSO Parties)  keep us active and hopefully having fun.




Jerry  N9AVY


(Probably could write more, but I need to get my butt off to work!)


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“Sorry to stir the pot by letting the mind indulge in daydreams. I was thinking more of a membership drive to commemorate the achievement rather than a "CONTEST".

have a good evening





I get tired of everything being a “contest.” I purposefully and normally avoid the bands where contesting is going on and rarely participate in them either. Most PODXS070 contests clearly state, for the most part, no more than 50 watts. Ever see a station from, say, MAINE on a band where contacts are a little tough due to conditions then this BIG gun walks in and completely blows the waterfall away. (Using this as a reference only as do not even know any 070 ops in ME so please do not be offended) . Now your gonna convince me he ain’t running full radio power or more? This after seeing sigs from say NY, CT, VT and most of them are coming in about equal strength.


PROVE the ME station is NOT overpowering the rules as it were. Of course lids like that will dominate the band every time leaving me  no choice but to leave, he owns it and knows full well he owns it.


OK enough soapboxing… I have been reading the bantering back and forth and I see a plethora of excellent points.


My final take… allow the “meeting” to begin, welcome all, converse with all. Have a secret handshake amongst members – I know Jerry was joking but why not do something unique and give out 070 numbers backwards? Those with 070 numbers where it makes no difference (ex 313, 323, 333, etc. then so be it). I side more with the “old philosophy” of follow the rules to the letter however I do not necessarily disagree fully with the new ideas either.  Come to a middle ground, follow those rules, and have fun.


Why must a “membership” drive goal attainment meet with awards and all that. Bew proud you did your part in building the club. THAT alone should be award enough.


73 de K3JAE




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