Re: How about a "newbie" sprint?

Ted <pegduck56@...>

well, context is everything Steve. the UNDERLYING discussion has been, yes, about new contests, but primarily about the required exchange in such contests and consideration of why we have closed contests.

My comment about the checker was in response to Barry who, quite logically I might add, suggested that in a CLOSED contest, there is no credit for non-members so there is no need to add member #'s to the adif field. The Contest Scorer can sort that out.

One of the problems with this Club is that when there is some new thought put forward, the 'old hands' come out and start throwing cold water on the new suggestions. I say bunk on that ! Despite that practice, the Club has leaped ahead with tons of improvements and new ideas. I can't tell you how many times David and I emailed (years ago) why the scorer was not being used for contests. Now, it has happened, again, a logical progression.

I stand by my previous post about the inconsistencies in the various events, as to the exchange. If you are offend, too bad. I happen to be correct on the exchange issue (as evidenced by the 31 Flavors event).

I'm done now on this. You and the other 'experts' can hash it out. Healthy discussion is one thing, but I'm tired of you so called 'experts' telling us how it should be ! I will pick the open events to spend my time.

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