Re: How about a "newbie" sprint?


Sorry to stir the pot by letting the mind indulge in daydreams. I was thinking more of a membership drive to commemorate the achievement rather than a "CONTEST".
have a good evening

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Ya know what?
I am still thinking about what Ted said before the last "contest" regarding checking member numbers before submitting the log. (bit like a terrier with a bone)
I would like to suggest the following. Since we know the callsign of our contact and a simple click fills in the name and QTH, and a just-as-simple cross check with the member roster supplies that number, maybe we should try to just make as many contacts as possible to promote the club. No required exchange, just log those contacts and members worth one point, non-members two points because of time required to convince them that they really want to be part of the pre-eminent organization in ham radio digi modes. Someone suggested a month later that the checker apply bonus points to anyone that worked a station that becomes a member.
This would take the onus off us to record all that already known data and put the work onto David as to how to do the bonus scoring.
ps: maybe I should try not to think so much.
time to go enjy the sun and 56F day out there

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