Re: How about a "newbie" sprint?

Steve W3HF

Ted -

I'm glad to hear that you weren't advocating lowering the "standard." And you're right, some of that "extraneous information" does meet the criterion I quoted--that's not what I was talking about.

But I disagree that this was "off the subject." Although the specific thread was the "newbie sprint", the larger discussion (including "2015 in 2015" and back to messages on the St Pat's contest) included comments like:

- "check the member numbers before submitting the log" That could be interpreted as including QSOs for which the exchange that is submitted in the ADIF is not what was received on the air.

- "let David's checker do the work"  If David's checker inserts known data (like member numbers) into required fields, then it's just as bad.

Now if the context for those comments was "let's change the rules to remove this information from the required exchange", then that is a valid discussion. But if that's the case, then there's no need to "let David's checker do the work" (since it wouldn't even be looking for those ADIF fields), or to "check the member number before submitting the log" for the same reason. And then I don't understand why those suggestions were even made.


On 03/24/15, Ted pegduck56@... [070]<070@...> wrote:

Steve, this is all well and good, but essentially off the subject. We have been talking about 070 events that may require extraneous information (and my opinion, which is just as good as yours, by the way) for an valid exchange. No one is trying to shortcut the elements for an exchange as outlined in the QST article. (usually a signal report and S/P/C)

to illustrate how some of the 070 events are inconsistent, consider this;

the Club currently holds 9 events (per the website)

Only 3 events require a member number as part of the exchange

of those 3, only 2 give no credit for non-members  (logically, if those rules remain, the member number is required in the exchange

the 3rd event that requires member number is the 31 Flavors, YET the event gives you credit for non-members. In this case the member number is irrelevant.

My point in all this the Club offers 2 'members only' events out of 9. Why? this is inconsistent.

I am in favor of all Club events being open and all contacts score points. If we do this, there is no need for any exchange other than the standard that is generally accepted in the ham community, ie. call, sig report, S/P/C and likely a name. (if one wishes to add more such as courtesy phrases that is optional but not required). The only exception that I can see is the Valentines Sprint requires the addition of YL or OM but these are not adif fields.

no one is advocating 'lowering the standards of the club'. The rules sticklers in the club should have no more say than the practical members.

73, Ted

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