Re: "2015 in 2015" Special Event

Dan Morris - KZ3T

Might want to give a special higher point value to that one station that has 070# 2015???

Dan Morris   KZ3T   070-1065

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Good points.  Not sure if I like the "retroactive" thing because some folks tend to put things off or get busy with other things.  The limit for them getting in application might be a month or two.

How about making current members worth 2 pts, non-members worth 1 point and any member with a number over 2000 worth 5 points ?  That would make new members worth chasing.

Just a thought.  It needs to be kept simple so as not to get everyone confused.

Jerry  N9AVY  #454

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Could retroactively apply member number ...   e.g. don't require 070# as part of the exchange (so member vs non-member doesn't matter; and makes on-air more "activity" than "contest") ... and collect logs in the contest scorer (or endorsement checker?); and then a month later score it with same logic as LONP checker --  give 2 pts for members at time of QSO;  give 1 pt for non-members;  and  then something (maybe 10pts;  or make these the mults) where the callsign was not a member at time of QSO, but is now a member.

good comments/topic re: DX activity .. 

also good discussion on member vs non-member contests ... the member ones can be a lot of fun, but all valid points on the cons. I think (not looking at the list at the moment) that there's a good balance/mix?
I saw a "CQ CQ NO 070 de ___ ___"  during St Pats ...   So i worked him normal QSO  :)


On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 8:50 AM, 'Ray Clements' r.clements@... [070] <070@...> wrote:
Perhaps the biggest problem with members only contests is that it discourages non-North America countries from participating. I saw only US and Canadian stations. Of the logs submitted, there was one SV station, but no other countries outside NA. I suspect some stations on the coasts did see a few DX stations. 

In a members only contest, European and South American stations are at a real disadvantage due to the scarcity of members in their local country. By opening it up to other stations, we might get ops from additional countries to participate.   

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IMHO,   making contests open to non=members would encourage the to become members.   Much like 10-10 does by allowing 2 pts  for members, but only 1 pt for non-members. Doing this would make non-members feel as though they mattered.  I've always thought that "members only" contests were too exclusive and somehow held membership numbers down.

Just my opinion for what it's worth.

Jerry  N9AVY 

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Having the member number in the required exchange makes it a 
private party unless you let non members use 0000 or some such. 
It might be nice to encourage prospective members to give the 
club contests a try. 

Mike kc9doa #1040 

On 21 Mar 2015 at 21:58, Matthew King - KK4CPS mrk.twg@... 
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> I haven't fully ferreted out the rules yet, but if the member # 
> is part 
> of 
> the required exchange, don't worry! You can simply cut/copy it 
> from the 
> QSO 
> with your mouse and paste it in your loggers 
> comment/remark/note field 
> if 
> you're having trouble finding the SRX field. In version 6 HRD, 
> by the 
> way, 
> the SRX field in the ADIF file is populated by the value in the 
> box, next to the RCVD RST box on the ALE. Maybe that'll help 
> some HRD 
> users 

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