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Bill Garwood

Interesting replies.  I'm thinking this is PSK and it is for 070 members only so there will not be a lot of QSOs and the rate will be low and communications will be fairly casual.  Last year, 113 QSOs in 24 hours was at the top.   
David's mention of WinWarbler and having the exchange in a certain format is what I think I remember in an older thread from last year? 
I hand type the exchange info in DXKeeper in the "rx info" block while in contest mode and also enter the state in the Award area plus keep a scratch pad handy to make notes that I can refer to after the contest is over.
The mention about 599 being assumed in contests..well last weekend, I was a part-time participant in the ARRL SSB Contest.  One US operator was giving out 55 to everyone instead of the usual 59.  Not sure why he was doing that, I guess just to be contrary or maybe his radio was on the fritz?
Bill NC 1688 Bill NC 1688 

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Then, of course there’s always the “73 es gl de n6mg”.

It can go from just that to:



[   o)(o >

0      _>

 \,__,]    Bye Bye

  [73]   de n6mg sk

qrz 070  qrz 070  de  n6mg  n6mg  k


Seriously, the absolute best tutor for finding out what’s fastest and easiest for you, is to watch other folks and their macro’s.

Watch the flow and the rhythm. Find out what you like and can do the easiest.

The last few days I’ve been tuning the high bands throughout the early morning, all day and in the evenings. Looking at traces and where they’re from. That’s just to get a feel for what band to be on and at what time.

Newer folks: Don’t be afraid to try 40 & 75 meters at night! Lots of points and multipliers there. (My definition of 40 meters is 7.070 MHz)

See every one of you on the bands!

It’s pre-contest siesta time here in So. California.

Milt  650   Ca






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I prefer the first  "Bill NC 1688 Bill NC 1688 qsl?"  for two main reasons:


A)  you can garble any one section of that (say 6 chars for an example), and there's still one of each piece ("Bill", "NC", "1688") intact.

    "Bill NC 16!@#$#@%C 1688 qsl?"   Still good.

But with "Bill Bill  NC NC 1688 1688", garbling any part is likely to take out an entire piece.  "Bill Bil!@#$@#$88 1688"  oops, need repeat.


B) I set "David NY 1041" as the exchange string in Winwarbler,  and my macros is:



I saw a comment later in this thread on RST once -- definitely agree, pretty safe to assume automatic 599 in contests. (every once in a while someone uses a real value!)


Was also a comment on selecting the exchange ...I don't highlight the whole thing (which is tough with the varied formats seen) -- i simply double-click the 070# and WinWarbler pops it (becuase i toggle contest mode) into the contest-exchange-recvd field.  The name and SPC are pre-populated from callbook/log look-ups,  so i just verify that they are correct according to the OTA exchange (that I make sure to see come through clean).  Occasionally there's a state update needed (for qth move of portables), or name tweak like exchange of a "Bill" versus "William" from callbook.  So unless there's a correction, no typing :)   I also have instant verification of the 070#, since i load the numbers (from text file provided on into Spotcollector as special callsigns, and that comes back as part of the callbook lookup.


Any other DXLab/WinWarbler users that want more info on that whole setup, just ask in a new thread. I also have screenshots on 








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Hi Y'all,
Sometime back, there was some discussion about the exchange sent in the 070 contests.
(Name, S/P/C and 070 number.)
Bill NC 1688 Bill NC 1688 qsl?
Bill Bill NC NC 1688 1688 qsl?
or just
Bill NC 1688 qsl?
Which is preferred and why?
See you in the contest.
Happy Radio!
Bill N4GBK


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