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Dan Morris - KZ3T

I have not used Clublog before but it looks like it is for DXers???  At least that is what it says.  I’m not really a DXer although I work many on PSK but I’m not chasing anything of any importance to me.  So, would it be worth my while I wonder???  

Sorry, just not big on QSL’ing unless I receive QSL’s. I don’t use the Bureau either so I imagine there must be 100’s of cards for me if they have not already been 'deep sixed’ !!

I do use eQSL and LoTW though to give others a chance for my QSL — 

Dan Morris   KZ3T   070-1065

On Mar 6, 2015, at 12:37 PM, David Westbrook dwestbrook@... [070] <070@...> wrote:
Club log rocks .. it's free and easy -- just upload your log to it ... It will give you a detailed report of any DXCC/data/callsign issues you might have,  and lots of reports on the website, too.
Also has easy OQRS system (for both direct & buro).
All that's a little vague, but "pictures worth a thousand words" just giving it a try is the best way to see the power of it.

They also have a very extensive database of DXCC/callsign/date combinations  for looking up what dxcc a certain call is (not always a straightforward process).


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