Re: North Carolina QSO Party on Sunday

Jim Howard


I'm very sorry you had the extremely poor experience with the RTTY operator from NC. Very few of our digital operators are like that I assure you. The vast majority of digital operations on the NCQP are PSK31 and are very laid back much like the PODXS 070 contests but on a much smaller scale. This is only the second year of we have had digital entries in the party and there are few entries. I won the last year's single-op/in-state/digital but there were only five entries. Out-of-state digital only had three entries. I was hoping by posting in the group here to get more interest in the digital modes created in North Carolina. Of course more stations were participating but didn't submit logs.

It is extremely unfortunate but there is a huge North American RTTY QSO Party on the same weekend which I believe starts on Saturday and runs 48 hrs. Our NCQP is really a sprint that starts at 10AM EST on Sunday morning and runs until 8PM that evening. The operator you describe doesn't sound like the typical PSKer at all but a died-in-the-wool long-time RTTY contester. I'd be willing to bet he was part of the big RTTY party.

Please don't think ill of the North Carolina QSO Party. Next year wait until 10AM on  Sunday and get on PSK31 to enjoy the NCQP and skip the North Americian QSO Party RTTY. Your rear end will thank you (less hours in the chair) and you're most likely avoid the pain-in-the-rear operators too. Good luck with your digital ventures!

PS Before anyone get after me for downplaying RTTY. I do enjoy RTTY contesting and enter a dozen or more each year. I just do enough of the contest to have fun. Usually a hundred or two QSOs. I will never win one with my little pistol station and limited hours. I very much enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of it all. But, I much prefer the PODXS 070 contests... and I have actually won a few of those too in the low power category!


Jim Howard, W4SDJ
Murphy, NC

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I gave up early this AM after a Horrible experience with an NC op on RTTY. Evidently did not like what I sent or how I sent and literally called me hard about my inability to use electronic equipment. And that was a VERY nice way to say what they told me.


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