Thanks for Contacts in NCQP!

Bill Garwood

Worked a lot of familiar call signs in yesterday's North Carolina QSO Party.  Thanks to the 070 Club members who helped put one in the log.  Worked 35 states plus 4 provinces plus the NC stations.  Disappointed that there were not many NC stations I could find on the bands.  40 meters is the best for me to work short distances and from the spotting websites, it looks like most of the NC stations were on 20 meters and up.
It was about what I expected with probably half of the QSOs with stations using long macros and the other half with a quick exchange.
15 meters was full of EU and SA stations that would answer my contest CQ call and in this contest, the DX stations did not count as multipliers.
One newbie called me in the middle of the contest saying I was his first PSK31 contact and wanted me to comment on his macros and his signal quality...I tried to accomodate him without taking too much time.  He was transmitting about 50 Hz off from his receiving frequency on 20 meters.  Probably soundcard calibration or his RIT was on?  I hope he got it squared away.  If not, he will not make many QSOs.
I did not see a lot of "wide" signals but my TS-590 seems to do a good job on a busy band.  In the past when I was using the older TS-680 with SSB filter and Signalink, strong signals sometimes would wipe out half the band.  I still see stations with multiple traces across the band from time to time and sometimes there are those that just look funny on the waterfall.  They sound crackly in the speaker, sort of like what a welding arc sounds like.
Lids, bad equipment and other things happen.  It's been that way since before I started hamming.   I try to have fun and try to be sure I'm not one of those lids.
See ya' in the St. Paddie's Day contest.
Happy Radio!
Bill N4GBK 

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