Re: North Carolina QSO Party on Sunday

Dan Morris - KZ3T

Yes, I run across this one signal that was so wide I actually had to change bands!!  Not much of a problem since I was band hopping anyway between 10 - 40 meters depending on the activity.  I did have a good time though.  First time I’ve been in any type of State QSO Party.  Very interesting and enjoyed it very much. 

Dan Morris   KZ3T

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This reminds me of an old story by Tennessee Ernie Ford in which he tells of harassing an old mule on his grandmother's farm.  In a nutshell ... she told him he would pay for his actions by having a jackass follow him around for the rest of his life.  He used that story on hecklers.

This seems to hold true in ham radio.  Just chalk it up to experience and move on .

I gave up with all the overpowered, wide signals and rude people and went places I don't normally go where the bands are less crowded.  

Jerry  N9AVY

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I gave up early this AM after a Horrible experience with an NC op on RTTY. Evidently did not like what I sent or how I sent and literally called me hard about my inability to use electronic equipment. And that was a VERY nice way to say what they told me.
True, I am still trying to figure out what I am doing on RTTY and probably made some mistakes, most likely did, yet to have some total jerk operator slam me like they did turned me totally off trying to do “my part” in their attempts. Nice thing though is they never did get my state and to hell with them. 
Anyone with good RTTY experience who would be willing to elmer me in how to TX “properly” I would seriously love some pointers. Email me direct at k3jae @
73 de K3JAE

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