PSK31 Macros - was TI9/3Z9DX on 20m‏ thread

Bill Garwood

Hi folks,
This thread has drifted a bit so I changed the name.
Some comments here about operating and macros.  Since starting with PSK31 in 2013, my macros and operating procedures have been changing.  I've got 8,000+ PSK31 QSOs in the log.
If I call CQ and the other station comes back to me with hello Bill or William, I know they have either worked me before or they are looking at my info on QRZ or other database.  I do not send them my full who I am, where I am macro.  I'll send something like Hello Fred, UR 599 in NC..HW?.... Again, a large majority of stations world-wide are using some kind of callbook database or website.
When working DX, I do not send my town and state, just send North Carolina as QTH.  They do not come back and ask for my town.  I will send them my town and state if working US or CA stations.
I never send my county in any macros.  I have only had one person ever ask me what county I am located in.
I do not send my call or the other station's call more than one time once we have established contact.
I do not send them what kind of software or logging software I'm using or what kind of computer I'm using.  Again, only one time has someone asked me about what software I'm using.  I've never, ever had someone want to know about my computer.   I will send them my rig and antenna info if and only if the QSO seems to have progressed that far.
No macros used when in a ragchew...I'm typing on the keyboard all the way and making fumble fingered mistakes but having fun.
I keep a legal pad next to the keyboard and make notes and comments about each QSO that help refresh my memory.
As always, your results may vary...just some comments.
Happy Radio!
Bill N4GBK  #1688

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