Re: T19/3Z9DX on 20m

Robert Johnstone

great! now I have to add shoe size and hat size to my lid tx macro. Robert kd0fip

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After the fiasco of operating W1AW/9 here in Illinois last December, I concluded that 50% of PSK OPS are dumber than dirt when it comes to working special events and DX station !

They are so used to run the usual macro format that they know nothing else.  Many are just interested in getting that QSO and have no consideration for others nor the Q rate of the special event/DX station. Mostly this is a matter of education and that may be a difficult problem reaching all those stations.

Tom is absolutely right about DX stations unwilling to take the chance with ruining their Q rate (number of QSOs per hour). With all those long macros a typical QSO rate might be 12 per hour; typically in a 48 hour weekend that would be 576 QSOs. Allowing for QRM, pileups and band conditions that 576 would be a much lower figure.  For a full blown 2-week DXpedition the best they could hope for would be a little over 7700 QSOs. To a DXpedition like the recent Navassa Is. group which made well over 100,000 QSOs in 2 weeks this 7700 is a very dismal number.   This is why DXpeditions aren't willing to try PSK31 operation ! It's all about the numbers.  The will do SSB, CW and RTTY where QSOs run faster and OPs know how to get in and out quickly.

PSK31 is great for ragchewing, but I doubt that it will ever be a serious DX mode because of ops who insist on sending long macros. 

The time I spent as W1AW/9 was a learning experience and I would never try again. Far too many gave me Too Much Information (TMI) , everything but their hat size !  Never reqlized afer 3 - 4 hours of long macros how annoying they are.  Many times I almost fell asleep during one of those QSOs and other times I wanted to scream at them.

Don't think this will ever be fixed.''

Jerry  N9AVY

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That is one of my enduring mysteries with regards to amateur radio-using macros including their shoe size in DX.   I truly don't understand the negligence and/or ignorance of some OPs in handling DX contacts.  It is just about a universal phenomenon with DX PSK operations, so we see few DXpeditions that will "risk" operating PSK and greatly lowering their run rate.

On the other hand, I have never, personally, seen/heard a verbose CW DX exchange or even such a RTTY exchange.  (Almost) Always crisp and in rhythm.  I don't know what we can infer about the OPs population from that observation.


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