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Dan Morris - KZ3T

That is a great idea but maybe instead of general macros for a specific program just list a set of macros that anyone could make up or copy/edit into their own program macros.

Dan Morris. KZ3T

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I probably was one of those stations once .. I see new people very often and I as well stumbled and still stumble sometimes with clicks.  I do have created a contest set of scripts but I don’t think mine are good enough.  What I think would really help is if the club or anyone could make updated macros available for HRD which seems to be the most that I see people use.  Make the XML file available as a link on the website and see how it could improve peoples behavior.
We all got started somewhere and sometimes people just don’t know any better and only by helping will it improve
My 2 cents
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One thing that I see from time to time is that a inexperienced station calling CQ will turn control of the QSO over to me by responding to my answer macro with an answer macro of his own rather than sending his exchange macro. That is just a waste of time and bandwidth. 
Upon receiving his answer macro, I will give my exchange macro and then wait for his exchange macro. At that point I will conclude the QSO, for fear that he will send a long station/weather macro. Some send the long macro even after I have signed off "gl 73 sk sk".

Ray N9RWC 
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The macro sets really make it easy.  I have DX, contest and RTTY sets to go with my general QSO set.  How hard is it to set that up?  Very east to switch between then when fishing around in the waterfall.

A lot of newbies aren’t familiar with the concept that the calling station sets the pace and tone of the QSO.  Perhaps it seems easy to me because I just watched the waterfall for a year before ever hitting the TX button.
The other thing is OPs that are unaware of the language skills of the calling station.  I’ve seen people use all kinds of vernacular with stations that obviously have limited skills in English.
73 de Eric, KG6MZS
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That is why I have several sets.  One for PODXS contests, one for FH contests, and another for general QSO's.

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