Re: N9AVY & N6MG Keyboard QSO

Jerry N9AVY

You can't take a joke ?  That's what you get when you ask "QRL ?"....  Yup, the only macro I used was fer the call sign exchanges.  That was different. Sloppy typing on my end because I'm a lousy typist...


Jerry  N9AVY

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Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 6:36 PM
Subject: [070] N9AVY & N6MG Keyboard QSO

Jerry and I just had a nice rag chew on 15m that was about 95% via keyboard! Only used macro's for call's etc.
Looking back, Jerry, you gave me an rsq of 119? I guess that happens when doing all keyboard...hi hi...
We'll do it again soon.
LONP #76

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