Re: T19/3Z9DX on 20m

Bill Garwood

It was nice to see a DXpedition operate with PSK31 but the op did not have control of the frequency so I expect the QSO rate was not very good.  Stations were sending him long macros, needed to work split etc.
Similar to what we saw last year with the W1AW portables, a lot of PSK operators do not know how to make a quick 599 TU 73 qso. 
Those of you who worked him got what is surely a rare one on PSK31.  Congratulations!  Maybe he will be back this evening?
Happy Radio!
Bill N4GBK


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Quite the ugly pile-up there now.

Thanks for the heads up!


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Thanks I figured it out by watching and corrected my log.
appreciate your heads up.
John KE4JB

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HI John,

I just worked Jorge here on the west coast.  Full call is TI9/3Z9DX

73 de Eric, KG6MZS

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T19/3Z9 is on 20m PSK31 about mid band - good signal into NY
John KE4JB

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