Re: K3LRH Southern Delaware

Len Hecker

....many thanks to ALL.  TED, you can't imagine how many times I get ops needing Delaware as their last state for WAS. At least a couple every week, maybe more.  Maybe I should charge a fee and I would welcome you as my agent.    As it is, my QRZ page requests a SASE for paper QSLs...otherwise I would go broke with the postage being what it is.

JOE, a special thanks to you for suggesting that I join the 070 Club.  Without your suggestion I would have not even considered joining.  It's always good to CU on the bands and I appreciate the "white" card that you sent me two years ago.

MATT, thanks for your help getting me started too, and also JIM, W5FER, for sending me the primer on converting HRD logs to ADIF.  Haven't tried it yet but will one of these days.  Currently trying to work out a problem with one of my rigs.





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