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I am using a full length wire dipole 12 gauge solid copper at about 18' .....this dedicated for 160m only .... it is way to close to the ground so I figure my takeoff angle is basically straight up.... I do my best with cloud cover as I figure it bounces it back down ..hi hi... I also have been able to load up 160m on my multi band fan dipole {80 thru 10} at about 25' ...all antennas are home brew using 12 gauge solid copper wire left over from home additions and home improvements over the years  ...... I use no baluns ..... only coax chokes at antenna feedpoints for RF....all feed thru a MFJ 993B or a LDG AT-200 PRO II ...... pic on my QRZ page of my multi band with coax choke wrapped around 4" pvc pipe

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Gotcha, Barry - you have a good ground radial field?

I learned with my hustler "8-BTV" that the radial field I put out made the difference between and antenna that just didn't work and one that works quite well!  I've got about 45 radials out. I saw huge differences when I reached 6 or 8, and steady increases up to forty or so, and little difference after that. I've got them about 290 degrees around it, and plan on "filling in the gap" one day just to theoretically help in that direction. 

I understand that they're even more important on a 160m antenna.

You may have radials, but if not, that's where I'd start. 



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Someday I hope to see another signal on 160M PSK31.
I am using a ground plane quarter wave vertical inverted L sloper.
That should just about describe it.
ps. Tnx for the mailing and hope it didn't take you as long to stuff the
envelope as it took me to put all the stickers in the correct slots.

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Hey, Barry - I was able to work a Wyoming station quite clearly last night. That gives me a bit more confidence in my antenna's westward capability. Granted, you're much further north than that...

What sort of antenna are you running?  I've watched very carefully for signs of your signals and haven't seen so much a misplaced pixel on the waterfall

Hoping to work you on 160m PSK one day!



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