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Jerry N9AVY

Hate to burst everyone's bubbles, but I think as we get closer to sunspot minimum the worse DX will get.  Just a guess.

Propagation has always seemed to favor one area or another. The West Coast guys get all those JA, HL, YB. DU and other contacts in Asia area. While East coast guys get most all of Europe & Africa. The guys in the Midwest (a.k.a. - Black Hole)  have to take what they can get.

For me here near Chicago, the JA's have been best around 2200- 2300 UTC on 15m. I've tried to figure out the PY stations and the window on 10/15m seems full of everything else in SA (LU, CE, HK, YV mostly)...  got one PY this afternoon.  Figuring out the propagation for me is strictly a hit or miss proposition because I don't read forecasts, charts or MUF's (Maximum Useable Frequency).  Always try to get the feel of the bands from day to day, week to week and month to month.  Doesn't always work, but when I have success , I celebrate !

For the new guys, it's the thrill of the hunt. Don't rely on someone else spotting the DX for you.  Somebody has todo the hunting.  I've tried the HRD thing where it monitors one band, but if you have to be away from radio, you might miss something.  Don't be afraid to call CQ. It usually produces unexpected results ...  called CQ the other day and had an HL5  (ROK) answer me ! 

Good hunting !

Jerry  N9AVY

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Jerry, that's what I was thinking for us East Coast guys.  I've never even seen Philippines, Indonesia, China, etc... I've gotten a few Japanese stations on 10 & 15 and felt thrilled to get 1 South Korean station back in November 2013! 

I've gotten one Ukraine station this year, and seen several, but was unable to work them due to an antenna issue.  

The different coasts definitely have their ups and downs. I feel for you guys stuck in the middle!

India? Pakistan? Middle East in general?  Maybe when I get a beam....

73 y'all


On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 8:25 PM, Jerry n9avy@... [070] <070@...> wrote:
You guys on West coast have much better shot at places like Philippines & Indonesia than us landlocked guys.  Signals travel much better over water like Pacific.

jerry  n9avy

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No worries.  Indonesia came in really strong on my end and hung out there for a good half a hour.  The Philippines was strong for 45 seconds and then faded away.    

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I could certainly use Philippines on PSK as well as Indonesia.  I was very happy to work a bunch of Japan today  and am only 1 away from the 20 needed for endorsement.

Martin I was good to work you today.  Sorry to be so short.  Guess I should have called "CQ DX JA", but I hate to do directional CQ because I always feel as though I'm cutting someone out of a contact.

See again on the bands !

73,  Jerry  N9AVY

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Subject: [070] 15m
Indonesia, Japan and Philippines is on 15m at the moment.

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