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Jerry N9AVY

Worked a few Brasil stations and a couple of JA's...  Ukraine which is usually all over the place on 10/15m , only worked one. Think things in Ukraine may be on quiet side. 

Same here for 2014 when I was trying to get the 20 LU stations, Brasil was all over the place on 10m !  When finishing up the WTW in early 2014 the were hundreds of Ukraine stations and I'd work more of them than French, German or Italian stations.

Guess propagation in Midwest changed a bit or I'm on at wrong times.

Jerry  N9AVY

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sorry, some vision issues lately and misread that. I think I have about 5 Zil's.  see a lot of repeats. I think as warmer weather comes we will see more on 10-15m...sometime a sleeper is on 17..
I'm not saving any space for the Ukraine sticker here...(that was a curious choice for a sticker considering the rarity and the continuing issues regarding the issues of who is a 'Ukraine' valid call)   pretty 'unobtainable' from our side of the planet

anyway, looks like we got any JA that was moving !!

GL in the contest, as they say,,

73, Ted

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When I check the submitted times of our logs it shows 22:57 difference.
Almost a day rather than minutes.
How is Brazil coming along?

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Rats, Barry, you beat by mere minutes !!

(Barry and I have been tag teaming JA stations on 15m all week !)

73, Ted

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