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Martin, keep an eye on 17m if you can. When it opens to us, there can be a lot of EU. Try am's

73, Ted

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I am in western Washington. The call is kg7hax.  I hear them occasionally but even the psk reports don't seem to detect my signal south of central America. Japan on the other hand I can do with 5 - 10W any day any time it seems.  Europe also seems a no go zone. :(


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Where are you located or what is your call?
The only place to find Brazil, IMHO, is on 10M at about
18:00Z to 22:00Z.
A year ago I had to struggle to work Uruguay and Chile
because the Brazils were so plentiful. Now I can't seem to 
find very many.

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South America is my elusive continent I just can't get.


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When I check the submitted times of our logs it shows 22:57 difference.
Almost a day rather than minutes.
How is Brazil coming along?

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Rats, Barry, you beat by mere minutes !!

(Barry and I have been tag teaming JA stations on 15m all week !)

73, Ted

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