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Jerry N9AVY

Dragan should be able to operate 10m PSK31 on 28120.

Jerry  N9AVY  #454

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Thanks for the introduction Jim.  Not sure if it is normal if newcomers introduce themselves or not Winking smile   I finally got my HF radio early this month and started with digital last week.  I’ve racked up a little over 50 QSOs so far on PSK31 and about 80 on JT65.  I live about 30 miles east of Seattle in the mountains which gives me a big disadvantage because of those huge pieces of rock (in fact .. I have an almost vertical wall less than a mile from my house).  I have one other operator in my household (my 9 year old son Dragan, KG7OQT) but his license limits his digital modes. I believe he will be in one of the upcoming QST magazines on W1AW.
73 Martin
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Subject: [070] Welcome Aboard
​Please join me in welcoming our new PODXS 070 member(s)
1953  KN4XJ  Frank
1954  PY3JFS  Soares
1955  KG7HAX  Martin
1956  KM4AF  Chip
73, Jim  W5FER

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