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Bill Garwood

Thanks for the replies.
I checked my WAS account and looked back at several hundred QSOs and did not see any green check marks.  I usually do not do much with WAS.
I do keep a close watch on the DXCC QSOs and that is where I see the occasional green check mark.
Then I did a search for "LoTW green check mark" and this is what I found..

The Check MarkBlack = LoTW has selected this QSO as a new one to be applied to the awards in the

award box for this QSO.

Red = the QSO has been applied as part of an award application but the application has

not yet been processed.

Green = the application was processed and the QSO has been awarded.


      = The white check box allows you to manually select a QSO for an award. Be

cautious doing this because manually selecting a QSO will unselect what LoTW has

already selected for you.
So I agree that the green check mark is for a QSO that has already been given credit for by LoTW and it has somehow again been submitted.  The most recent green one was last week for a QSO in 2013 that had already been confimed in LoTW in 2013, I guess the DX station submitted it again in 2015?  (Since I have not submitted any recent WAS info, I would not have any green boxes for "repeat" submissions.)
Thanks to all, I learned something new today.
Bill N4GBK


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On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 11:39 AM, Mike Flowers [070] <070@...> wrote:

Hi Joe,


>>> So I think if you change "DX" station of "DX and Domestic" station, you have the correct answer.


I think my original explanation holds.


LoTW is entirely driven by DXCC entities.  USA is entity #291.   The USA is counted as an entity for all DXCC Awards, and by LoTW’s definition: it’s DX.   Their rules

​This is not true. There four (4) categories of awards available, DXCC, WAS, WPX, and VUCC. To enable each category, a rule must be defined, such as location or a range of dates.

I have all four of my awards enabled, and when I selected the WAS awards, then listed entries for the US, I saw at least 7-8 entries with green check marks.

73 de Joe

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