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Jerry N9AVY


Those check boxes are there to drive you crazy worrying what they are !

Jerry  N9AVY

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Hello all,
I have a question about QSOs confirmed in LoTW.  On some of them, there is an empty check box and 10; M Challenge or similar.  What does that empty check box mean?  If I check it, what does it do for me?
This is of countries that I already have confirmed in LoTW on that band/mode etc.
If it is a new one, then there is a Black check mark already filled in by ARRL.
Then there is one QSO that has a Green check mark beside 40; M Challenge.
What does the green check mark mean?
I've searched the LoTW site and missed this info.  I asked the official card checker at a hamfest last year about the empty check boxes and he just told me to ignore them.
I know this stuff is there for some reason.
Any ideas?
Bill N4GBK

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