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Ray Clements

I have no problem with someone traveling to a distant location and using a rental shack or club station. I also do not have a problem with someone operating a remote station from home, if that is the normal mode of operation. 

What I would object to would be someone who works a remote East Coast station in the morning hours to catch European stations, works a remote station in Florida or Texas to work South America and Africa in the afternoon and then works a West Coast station in the evening to work Asia. That would give them a completely unfair advantage over someone working from a single location.  


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James -


I also agree completely with what you've said. Part of my concern and perspective on this topic is the treatment of my own portable operations, as I've operated portable from at least seven states within CONUS (not including KH2, KH6, and VQ9). Some of these used an existing club station, one used another ham's personal station, some were all my own equipment brought from home, and some were a hybrid. 


What really gets to me is the inconsistent treatment that can be applied, and you highlighted some of those. Let me add that if I can travel to Colorado and count contacts I make there, but I can't remote login to the same Colorado station and count those contacts, then there's an illogical inconsistency, regardless of whether that station is someone else's (either a club or a rental or someone else's personal station) or one I bought and paid for. (FWIW, this is purely hypothetical--the Colorado club station I use does not currently support remote operation.)




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It's not nearly so simple.


James NF8I

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