Re: remote radio

Bill Williams

I am surprised no one has straighted this out yet.  I am not very knowledgeable on the subject but I do know remote operating is addressed in all the awards.  Awards like WAS and DXCC are "location" awards.  The transmitter must be within 50 miles of your defined station to count.  The defined station for most of us is our home station.  Here in Florida I know several who have two defined stations, one at home up North and one here for the winter home.  If you have a vacation home in another location then you must have two defined locations and can get the award for either or both but all contacts must be made from within 50 miles of that location.  I assume you could also get the award from a remote control station could but all contacts for that award would have to be made from that remote station or within 50 miles of the remote station location.

The 070 club awards are different in that the awards are not specified as location awards but contact of specific places or people.  No station location is specified except for the distance away from home you must be for the APE award.

Since I have not a wall paper seeker, except 070 awards!, I only know this as general ham knowledge.  There has to be at least one member who is intimate with all the rules.  Jump in here and state chapter and verse so this line can end.


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