Peter G. Viscarola

For me the competition has always been with myself.  One station, one antenna from hear in my little corner of Northern Illinois. 

I agree. For many of us, it's about what WE'VE managed to work from OUR stations. But that's not true of everyone...

To go with a remote station is about the same as working DXCC via  the internet.

I don't see any difference using a station remotely, versus physically traveling to a station and making QSOs from there. As long as I can travel to a big gun, use my call sign, and fill my log book I don't see any reason why remoting to that same station would be any different.

But that's not why I was proud when I got my RTTY (well, PSK really) DXCC certificate. I was proud because I did it with my little barefoot radio with my little OCF dipole hung in some trees in my back yard.

Might be fun to actually hear what it's like to use a big yagi on a tower someday, though...


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