Jerry N9AVY

I would qustion it as well.  For me, it would "Cheapen" awards like DXCC. 

For me the competition has always been with myself.  One station, one antenna from hear in my little corner of Northern Illinois. 

To go with a remote station is about the same as working DXCC via  the internet. There's been a lot of discussion about the over the past few years. I think for some areas DXCC and other awards should have an endorsement for the area of the world you work from. 

Now this will probably stir up a lot of controversy.  But I really think this will have a definite effect on all awards.

Jerry  N9AVY

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this keeps popping up on my Facebook side. Curious as to what people think of this concept. There is the 'novelty' factor and of course the cost factor. After looking at their stuff and the concept, I just am not comfortable with the concept. I guess I could sign into one of their big gun east coast stations and fill my log with a bunch of EU that is difficult to get from my own station (maybe a quick way to get that Ukraine sticker !) , but I question the 'legality' of that . I mean, it's not really me using my own equipment from my own QTH...I really don't know

anyone have any thoughts or concerns/

73, Ted

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