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Jerry N9AVY

Anyone in my boat that catches a carp gets wet !

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Ya mean that Jerry went fishin and he didn't invite us to SA to get some of those River Monsters???
KA1PPV  #1482

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I'm not welcome in Fr. Guiana because I escaped from Devil's Island and don't want to go back !  :-)

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Well shoot since your heading to Peru and French Guiana might as well work to the tip and up the east coast. I say if your gonna go out, might as well go all the way out. Just promise to give ample time for us to write it in and all with dates, times and location… You would be busier than an ant hill before winter.
I’m just sayin’…
73 de K3JAE

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And while you are in the neighborhood, how about slipping over to French Guiana?  I just need that one and Guyana for my 13.

Rick - N7WE
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