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Bill Garwood

I'm using a Carolina Windom 160 ocf dipole.  VSWR on 30 meters is not good but the transmatch in my rig matches it to a 1:1.  It is about 3.5:1 with the tuner switched off.  Obviously efficiency is not very good with the feedline losses etc. but it does transmit and receive ok on 30.  In a year and a half, I've worked 48 countries and 27 US states on 30 meter PSK31 but there are days at a time when no stations show up.  Just not much activity compared to most of the other bands.
Also, a typical 100 watt HF rig would probably successfully operate at reduced efficency into a fairly high VSWR on 30 meters with 30 or 40 watts out without any issues with the PA transistors.  You might only be delivering 15 or 20 watts to the antenna after the feedline losses etc. but with PSK31 and 10 MHz propagation, you might be surprised how well you can get out.  That low power probably would not damage any antenna traps either.
HamSpots does not show many 10 MHz PSK31 sightings even when 40 and 20 meters are both open and WWV and/or WWVH and other 10 MHz stations are coming in.
Happy Radio!
Bill N4GBK

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Well, I’ve just been on 30 for only about 20 minutes and already have worked about 5 or 6 people and there are more there but I have to take a break already and walk the dog!! so 30 is doing rather well here.    

I’m running a Zero Five 27’  Vertical   and seems to be doing very well on 30 right now.  Worked AL, OK, NY and even saw 2 German stations but light copy on them.  I should have tried to call one of them I guess.  Also hearing FL and MS stations.

Dan Morris   KZ3T   070-1065

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Jerry's antenna is an example of one designed specifically to work on 30 meters. Being able to work 17m and 12m is a bonus. 

There are a lot of antennas with traps, but few of them are trapped for 30 meters. 

Ray N9RWC 

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I have a Cushcraft D3 which is a rotatable dipole for 12/17/30m. It works well on 30m, but I would caution folks not to try it on 40m because that will damage traps.

Jerry  n9avy

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To work 30 meters well, you need an antenna specifically designed to work 30 meters. 

If you have a wide range tuner (I use the MFJ 993B), you can tune nearly anything, but that does not mean the antenna will be efficient. I have a 40 meter OCF antenna and I have used it to work a few stations on 30 meters using the tuner, but performance has not been very good.  

Buckmaster offers an 8 band OCF antenna that will work 8 bands from 160 meters to 6 meters, but 15 meters, 30 meters and 60 meters are noticeably absent from the list. That is because those bands feed into a high-voltage node on the wire causing high SWR. You can use the antenna on the missing bands with a good tuner, but the efficiency will still be poor due to feedline loss. The only way to get around that would be to operate a tuner remotely at the antenna feedpoint rather than in the shack at the radio. 

There are antennas such as the Comet CHA250B vertical that claim to be able to work every HF band, even without radials, but the antenna uses a broadband UNUN to give a decent SWR. Unfortunately, losses in the UNUN and feedline rob a significant portion of the power fed to the antenna. Losses increase at the upper and lower ends of the HF spectrum. 

One of these days, I may try building an OCF antenna cut for 30 meters. Although it won't tune perfectly on 15 meters (the two bands are not exact harmonics), it should work a lot better than a OCF cut for 40 meters like I have now. 

Ray N9RWC 

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Hey y'all, 
I spent a lot of time over the weekend calling CQ on 30 meters.  Worked 9 stations total, one was PSK63.  Not much PSK31 activity but the band did seem to have a lot of digital activity with other modes.  One pleasant surprise..called CQ and CN8VX came back with a solid 599 from Morocco.  New country for 30 meters. 
I would think that 30 meters should be open to somewhere just about all of the time.   Not sure why there is not more activity on this band.  No antennas? 
Happy Radio! 
Bill N4GBK 


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Good Morning Ted did you actually see any EURAQ stations _ Looked at 30 several timres over the weekend but it seemed mainly dead in NY. 

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starts in 15 min or so

I'll be looking for new LONP contacts

73, Ted

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