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Bill Garwood

I've been looking for Guyana for over a year.  They do not show up ever in the PSK31 spotting sites.  I wonder if they have computers and electricity there?  Peru occasionally shows up, I have them confirmed on 10-15-20.  One club member has the SA 13 award.
As for Argentina, I see them often in the late afternoon and after dark.  My logs show 2100 to 2300 UTC is most common for 10 -15 meters.  2300 to 0000 UTC on 20 and 40 meters.  Also a couple of contacts around sunrise.   Probably an hour later for your QTH?
"Wish we could have wild cards?"...maybe if you buy two sets of 070 stickers, you can get a wild card thrown in?
Have fun!
Bill N4GBK

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Those are 2 that I need.  Peru was on a while back, but I missed it due to antenna problems.  Guyana is a different story.  Wish we could have "wild cards". :-)

Band is pretty dead right now at 2:27 PM CST. 

Thanks !  CUL

Jerry N9AVY

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they tend to show up 3-4PM (PST) on 10, 15 and sometime on 17. When 15 was jumping last year they were all over .

But don't worry, Jerry, wait until you get down to needing Peru and Guyana...!  I've been looking for years now. How anyone gets the entire 13 is beyond me.

73, Ted

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Brian :

Thanks !  Saw a couple, but to weak to copy.

Jerry  N9AVY

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         de N2MLP Brian
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Only need 7 more to finish the endorsement, but can't seem to find a lot of LU's.  Most seem to be on 10m and don't see any on 15/20m.  Looks like another year without finishing one of the 2 endorsements.  :-(
Even if I could add all the w1AW/9 contacts (about 700) , I still wouldn't have enough !
Jerry  N9AVY 

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