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Bill Garwood

There are still new stations operating PSK31.  I have worked quite a few that say I am the first or one of the first ones..please be patient as I'm learning about macros etc.  Some of these ops are peck peck typing.  There are others in the log that were PSK31 operators years ago that came back after a long pause for other modes.  I started with PSK31 last year after 50 years as a ham operating phone and CW.  I really like it and especially like the new 070 endorsements that have come along in the past few months.  I was getting burned out looking for the last SA station and searching for Clipper stations in the Pacific.  I now have over 150 countries with PSK31 but the new ones are getting hard to find.  When I started out, I was told that chasing DX with PSK31 would be a challenge.  I like a challenge so I plan to be around here for quite a while looking for more US grids and IOTA numbers. 
I dabbled with JT-65 and did not find it to be much fun to me as a ham communicator.  I really like QSOs, especially with DX stations who are able to communicate in English without macros.
Final comments.  I'm also member of EPC and as noted, the EU stations use PSK63 a lot.  Some of their "diplomas" are for PSK63 contacts (and other Phase Shift modes).  Once you are comfortable with PSK31, then contesting and making contacts for the log with PSK63 goes much faster.  I do not like to ragchew with PSK63.
Y'all have fun and I'll see you on the bands.
Bill N4GBK #1688    

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Totally agree with Ted and John ....

Jerry  N9AVY

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John is spot on...

pick any band, anytime (except for 6m) look for psk, then look at JT65...double-triple the stations seen ...JT65 is pretty impersonal, but you can log a lot of DX and other contacts if you are chasing paper.

Remember, new operators likely are from the 'instant gratification' generation.

I find it easy to walk both sides of the street. I have learned which bands and times for my area work best and the log grows..

73 and Merry Christmas

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Might immediate thoughts were also JT65/JT9 and general band conditions...

Are these kind of general numbers available on hamspots, pskreport, eqsl, clublog,, etc?   Anyone able to take a look and report here?   The endorsement checker data is obviously just a specifical small subset of PSK activity, so would be interesting to see if more general data sets show the same trends.


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I've read all the replies and agree. Things change, new exciting modes appear, operating patterns change, etc. But one thing I noticed appears to have a physical basis. Graph PSK activity by year and compare it to the current solar cycle. Is it just me?
73 nu4c

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New modes such as JT65 ? also the demographics of the baby boom have hit our local club to the point we may not do field day as a club this year as most members can't camp in 98+degree wx and prefer the comforts of the home shack. I encourage them to fire up their generators or solar and work as 1 Es to help those that still can. At Field day, We operated half the stations in 2014 compared to 2013. Robert kd0fip 1396

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Below are the PSK QSO counts, per calendar year, that are in the endorsement checker database.

I noticed the relatively low 2014 count (Q's and calls) for PSK ...  and then I noticed the total has decreased every year since 2010 ...

Anyone have thoughts/theories on these numbers?

This is from the checker "Database statistics" link:



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