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Bill Garwood

QSO Rate...When I was a W1AW/4 station, a couple of times I would get three or four in a row with a quick QSO and my rate was about 2 per minute then it would bog down again either with someone sending long macros or steady QRM to the point I could not copy them or they could not copy me...that's when I'd change frequency a bit and start over.    One knucklehead jammer sent a long string of RYRYs over and over on 20 meters on what ever frequency I was operating on.  I think one hour I had about 60 QSOs on 40 meters.  When on 20 and up, I'd occasionally ask them to pause for DX stations and 'most everyone would cooperate.  There was usually one or more DX stations that were calling over and over but were drowned out by the stronger ones.  I tried split operation with mixed results.  Some ops did not know how to do split and others did not follow my instructions so the QRM was up and the QSO rate was down.  You can certainly get a better rate with RTTY or PSK63.
It was fun but challenging and mentally tiring to me as I wanted to be sure no one got left out.  I have several W1AW/x QSOs in my log that have not been confirmed.  I hope no one that worked me had that happen!
Have Fun!
Bill N4GBK


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Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 10:19:49 -0800
Subject: [070] W1AW/9

Woke up late and missed a lot of stuff on 10m.   Worst of it was everyone sent darned macros  when they should have kept it to 599 S/P/C .    One guy even told me the names of his 2 dogs -REALLY ?  Sheesh !

Really slowed the whole process down for me.   And guy at  W1AW/1  asked my QSO rate which I couldn't answer because I'm using Digipan ... just remembered why I dislike Digipan ... can't edit in stuff to existing macros.  MixW will let me do that and I can combine macros. 

This was a learning experience - sort of ....

Jerry   N9AVY  &  W1AW/9 for next week

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