Re: MixW V.2.12 ?

David Westbrook

not a direct answer (i don't know anything about mixw), but here's general logger info on that scenario...

This is handled in ADIF by the  and  fields.
    the logging station's callsign (the callsign used over the air) 

    the logging operator's callsign

    the callsign of the owner of the station used to log the contact (the callsign of the OPERATOR's host) 

DXKeeper allows for profiles, where you can set the station QTH, the station callsign, operation callsign, and owener callsign (and it exports those in ADIF using the above fields).  for normal home use, these are all the same. 


On Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 3:31 PM, Dan Morris dbmorris315@... [070] <070@...> wrote:

Jerry - Don’t know if this will work, but I give my own personal call in addition to the W6OI call therefore I can enter those in my normal log and just make a notation those contacts were also use as W6OI.   that way you will not have to use a separate log.  I would assume that would be for any log used.

So, for my PSK Express (DG log)  i also gave my personal call and only logged one time but I know from the dates which ones were also W6OI/4 — Hope that helps

Dan Morris   KZ3T

On Nov 23, 2014, at 3:26 PM, Jerry n9avy@... [070] <070@...> wrote:

Have a question on MixW V.2.12  which I'm using.

Is there a way to switch it so I can use it for the upcoming W1AW/9 operation I'll be doing without mixing W1AW/9 log with mine ???  

Thanks in advance !

Jerry N9AVY

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