Re: success story


In a message dated 8/27/2001 2:55:25 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

go upper - 18 Mc, see something on screen You dont believe - N3DQU calling
CQ. I come in stress - does my 3.5 Mc part of inverted vee will be good
enough to
tune for 18 Mc? Press necessary buttoms and see SWR 1:1 !!!!!!!!! Pressing
other buttoms comes as childrens play. Yes, QSO !!!!
Hi! Oh yeah, what a big surprise to see YL800FD come back to my CQ! Then
when we
QSY'd to 12m, I did not even see any static, the band was so dead. Back to
17m and it
was done too. So we must have caught the props just right Andris!
That was a fb contact! Jay N3DQU.

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