success story


Hi Folks and Jay, N3DQU

The success story consist of two parts:

Part one: I have repairing works in my bathroom, where I have placed my HAM
equipment, and I should move out ot there. Additionally we have local YL2 test
/part two (CW,SSB,RTTY) in night of 26. august. Me decided go to my summer house
out of Riga city, last weekend, and contesting from this place. I put my
equipment in bag and went out.

Part two: Camed to my summer house at 20.00 local time, drink buttel of bear,
and put equipment together. Switch on and tune antenna tuner on 3.5 Mc (contest
frequency). I have there inverted vee for 3.5 and 7 Mc with separate cables for
each band (I suggest to everobody - put separate cable for each band, dont
connect "dipoles" together, later You can tune this antenna for all amatuer
bands with good SWR). There was silence on band. Go upper: 14 Mc - nothing
interesting, tune 3.5 Mhz part of inverted vee to be ready for 20 meters, go
upper - 18 Mc, see something on screen You dont believe - N3DQU calling CQ. I
come in stress - does my 3.5 Mc part of inverted vee will be good enough to tune
for 18 Mc? Press necessary buttoms and see SWR 1:1 !!!!!!!!! Pressing of other
buttoms comes as childrens play. Yes, QSO !!!!

As all sucess story's should be with some little sad in it: we negotiate try
with Jay do the same on 24 Mc but on this success story ended. When I come back
to 18 Mc there was silence.

I can write another story about how I came to YL2 summer hamfest some weeks
before with some aim - read lecture about PSK31 with demonstration of it, put
equipment together, start demontration, find out on screen DL1AYL chatting with
somebody of 070, sorry dont remember with whoom, trying tune my TS570G on
inverted vee 3.5/7 Mc (another, connected together dipoles, with one cable) and
seeing how it is not tooning on 14 Mc. Sorry Erika, You dont get me with
callsign YL21HF forever. Later when we put phased dipoles for 20 meters You has

On sad note,

Andris YL800FD / YL2FD

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