KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE - Thank You


Stan and I would like to thank all who took time from their busy schedules to work us and to thank the PODXS officers who created and administer the many fun operating events throughout the year.  We thoroughly enjoyed the "APE" experience and would encourage anyone who is considering an "APE" for next year to go for it!  Our preliminary QSO count is 164 (107 CONUS and 57 OCONUS), working 31 states and 23 countries. The rarest DX consisted of Namibia (V51WF) and Australia (VK4EJ).  Kudos to the 11 certificate winners (i.e. those working us on at least 3 bands), including K4LEA, K8TOM, KE4JB, KK4CPS, KU8Q, N5SLY, N7WE, W2DEN, W3GXV, W3WMU and WA4MIT.  Special recognition goes to three certificate winners who worked us on 4 bands (K8TOM, N7WE, and W2DEN)!  Two of the winners were repeats from last year (K8TOM and W3WMU) - great job!!  Certificates will be in the mail soon.  When our final report, with photos, is completed, we'll post it to the group "Files" section.  Thanks again, everyone!


Bob, KC9UR, PODXS070 #1620, LONP #241

Stan, W9SMR/9, PODXS070 #1611, LONP #234

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