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Jerry N9AVY

I'm very pleased to see that IOTA endorsement is continuing !!!  Can't wait to see what else is afoot.

Kudos guys !

Jerry  N9AVY

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Wow!  Outstanding job guys!
I'm really happy about the IOTA continuing.  Given enough time even I can get to 100!
This is what makes this club the funnest.
Thanks for the effort!
KA1PPV  #1482

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Great news David, thanks!

Les 1746
On 8/24/2014 09:49, David Westbrook dwestbrook@... [070] wrote:
Remember that there is now ONLINE SUBMISSION for all endorsements!
Just upload to  and click the "submit" button for any completed awards.  Be sure to look at the "070-WTW" and "070-LONP" links on your report, too!!   Get those sticker requests in before Matt KK4CPS puts together the September mailing (will be at end of Sep).

We'd like to announce some changes to the current endorsements, that we think the membership will enjoy:

* the IOTA series will NOT expire on 8/31 -- We will keep this series going ... This is toughesst one to manage (really needs a "eyeball test" for everything), and Joe KJ8O has volunteered to take on that challenge.   We are working through the IOTA backlog, and it will be cleared before the Sep mailing.

* WABOL is back!!!  WABOL 2014 -- Work 50  2x LONP contacts during the calendar year (back to 1/1 for 2014), where both 070 members are also LONP members at the time of the QSO.   We'll do this as a yearly endorsement, so it "resets" each calendar year.

* PSK GOLF is back!!  The major grid squares are grouped into 18 "holes" of 18 grids.  The challenge is to work 1 contact in each "hole".  Levels are 9 and the full 18.  The full 18 is a real challenge, and I know a lot of you have been chasing it for a while.   Standings have been restored on the website;  Contacts since 2003-11-03 are valid.

* Rule change for the Alaska, Aloha, and DX-Specials endorsements -- ALL stations are now eligible (e.g. KL7's can participate in Alaska; VE's can participate in the 2014 Canada DX-Special; etc).

MORE TO COME!!  About 6 new endorsements will be announced later this week to start on the 1st.  Stay tuned!!

Feedback is welcome!

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