Re: KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE is on the air


Good morning all!  The pontoons are still afloat and we will be back on the air in a few minutes ... planning to start on 40m and 30m and then move up as the day progresses.  We will also be calling CQ on 6m at the top of each hour ... hopefully there will be an opening today (called numerous times yesterday without seeing nary a trace).  Our tally so far is 119 contacts, 80 - 85% U.S. and the rest DX (the best so far being Namibia).  The weather report today looks much better - partly cloudy with highs in the lower 80s - so hopefully there will be no more mad dashes for shelter like yesterday.  To those crafty and persistent APE Hunters who have already worked us on 3 bands (and the 1 or 2  who caught us on 4 bands) - certificates will be in the mail soon.  We are looking forward to working many more of you today and are really enjoying the APE experience (thunderstorm excitement and all).


Bob, KC9UR

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