Upcoming APE - KC9UR Pontoon Portable


Stan Robinson, W9SMR/9, and I will be going "Pontoon Portable APE" next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug 19 - 20.  We will be operating from Stan's pontoon boat on Round Lake in the Northeast corner of Indiana.  In addition to operating the 40M - 10M HF bands, we will try to help those 6M enthusiasts going for the "6 on 6" endorsement by calling CQ at the top of each hour on the 50.290 MHz 6M PSK31 frequency (I know, it's late in the season for sporadic E, but you never know unless you call CQ ....).  We are offering a nice QSL card for an SASE and a custom "APE Hunter" certificate for those persistent enough to work us on 3 bands!  We are really looking forward to working as many "Phaseshifters" as possible!  Hope to meet you on the waterfall next week!


Bob, KC9UR, PODXS070 #1620, LONP #241

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