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Scott Monks

And here I am sitting at work!  I called and listened and called and listened but there was nothing here in Mexico all weekend.  Enjoy.
73, Scott. 1550. XE1/AA0AA

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6M is open now to Mexico from north east PA

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It was about the least fun thing I have ever done in ham radio. Hours and
hours of calling CQ and monitoring 50.290 when I knew the band was open from
here to somewhere. All sorts of CW and phone stations lower down the band
but no one on PSK-31.

I'm currently using a wire antenna.

I have a grid square map that I have marked with the squares I've worked
over the years. There is a big gap all around with almost no QSOs between
200 miles out to about 400 miles. At least in my experience, E skip works
great from around 400 to 800 miles then there is the occasional double or
multiple hop that multiplies the distance.

I recently saw W5XIT in Oklahoma working several stations with PSK31 on
50.290. I could not see the other stations for the most part but Jim was in
there picking them off. Maybe you will get one of those openings and can
knock out the 6 on 6 in a short while.

Wishing you much success!


Bill N4GBK


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Glad to see that there's been some opportunity on the other side of the
country. Things have been dry on the left coast. It's been a challenge

Only once in the last three weeks have I seen a 6M prop opening of more than
a couple spots. Whenever a single left coast spot shows up on dxmaps
though, I try CQ-ing for 15 mins or so. Out of 30 attempts or so I have one
6M PSK31 contact, K7EV in Lilliwaup, WA.

Tried to get 070 neighbors Paula K7PAX and Ted K7TRK, but no luck even
though they were monitoring. I expected that a 6M beam would be able to do
better. Are there any other left coasters that are interested in making a
PSK31 contact should an opening ever appear here? Chime in, please.



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It dawned on me that I have not let the 070 world know who has had the
patience to add the 6 SPC endorsement to their collection.

Sometimes the mind works in strange ways.. (A senior moment is probably a
better way of saying that).

So, in order of achievement..:

#2 W9SMR
#3 NO8R
#4 KC9UR
#5 AG4QX
#6 N2MLP
#7 N4GBK

Congrats to all...


73 de Ral W1IPS

Ø7Ø #646 • LONP #113

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