Re: CQ 50.290 6 Meters 1320 UTC


Yeah, I agree, Tom - Always a lot of JT65 even on 6 meters - Right now, Jim (W5XIT) and I are 599 between each other but nary another trace to be seen!  I'll still hang around to see if any of the "deserving" show up! hi hi 
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Yep, I think JT has replaced PSK as the 6M digital mode of preference, at
least on this side of the country. [?] There doesn't seem to be much
digital "diversity" on 6M

If you're not CW or phone, it's hard (nigh impossible) to find any action.


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> I wish there was more BPSK31 6m it works pretty darn well on the band,
> use to be many more on 6m about 3 yrs ago.

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