W1SQLPSK V4 Available


Hello All,
        I just uploaded a new beta version of W1SQLPSK. Version 4 is full of user recommended changes and enhancements. I have also uploaded a new sample call book data file. This release is a release candidate and should work fine as an upgrade or new install. However, as with any upgrade, you should be sure to backup you current files before the installation.

This is a pre-release copy. As such, please report any problems so that we can get them cleaned up as soon as possible.

Here are some of the features that are available in V4:

Improved macro setup and maintenance. Now you can change them on the fly.
Additional logging fields.
Improved configuration menu.
Added the ability to copy data from the receive window to the log fields as well as the clipboard.
Improved call sign lookup. Lookups now show previous contact and QSL status for each band by state.
Added a most wanted feature to remind you of key stations. This can be used to help find special events stations or DXpedition station.

Please check the website for all the information www.faria.net/w1sql

73 & enjoy,

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